Sushi Making discount Kit Bamboo Tool - 4 2 Mats Including Rolling Including,Bamboo,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,Kit,Sushi,/Fagopyrum1694278.html,$4,-,Sushi,Mats,,Rolling,4,Tool,2,Making $4 Sushi Making Kit Bamboo Tool - Including 2 Sushi Rolling Mats, 4 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Sushi Making discount Kit Bamboo Tool - 4 2 Mats Including Rolling $4 Sushi Making Kit Bamboo Tool - Including 2 Sushi Rolling Mats, 4 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Including,Bamboo,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,Kit,Sushi,/Fagopyrum1694278.html,$4,-,Sushi,Mats,,Rolling,4,Tool,2,Making

low-pricing Sushi Making discount Kit Bamboo Tool - 4 2 Mats Including Rolling

Sushi Making Kit Bamboo Tool - Including 2 Sushi Rolling Mats, 4


Sushi Making Kit Bamboo Tool - Including 2 Sushi Rolling Mats, 4

Product description

Perfect for beginners!

The Sushi rolling kit includes 2 handmade 100% bamboo rolling mats, 4 pairs of chopsticks, a rice spreader, a paddle,2 sauce dishes, 1 cotton bag.

Gather family and friends for a fun sushi rolling party and enjoy the freshest, most flavorful homemade sushi made right in your own kitchen. It's the perfect sushi kit for Beginners and fun for the whole family. Graduate from sushi Bar regular to at-home sushi master!
Dishwasher isn't recommended. Dry thoroughly to storage. These products is made of bamboo, naturally distributes an aroma. Normally, different set could have some color or grain differences. It is safe for use as long as there is no Splits and perforations.

Sushi Making Kit Bamboo Tool - Including 2 Sushi Rolling Mats, 4

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