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Bilipala American Flag Max 78% OFF Cupcake Toppers Decoratio Party Max 83% OFF Picks for

Bilipala American Flag Cupcake Toppers Picks for Party Decoratio


Bilipala American Flag Cupcake Toppers Picks for Party Decoratio

Product description

The cute flag cupcake toppers help you to complete your cakes or cupcakes perfectly.
The cake topper is American flag pattern, and it fully shows your love and pride for your country.
They are perfect birthday party supplies, bridal shower party supplies or baby shower party supplies, and the cute cupcake toppers will make the party more unique, special and funny.
Or you can have your own DIY cake decorating ideas. You can use the flag cake topper to cooperate with other cupcake topper to show different themes.
The American flag cake topper is great cake decoration for various occasions, such as baby shower cake decorations, cake decorations for kids, cake decorations for girls and boys, graduation cake decorations, retirement cake decorations, birthday party decorations, and wedding cake decorations, etc.
They are also best ornaments and decorations for various parties, such as bachelorette party decorations, wedding party decorations, Christmas party decorations, etc.
The cupcake picks also can be used as other food picks or decorations, such as fruit picks, ice cream decoration, appetizer picks, etc. For example, cupcake picks for Christmas, cupcake picks for valentines and kid birthday cupcake picks.
Just place the decorative picks on top of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, fruits, brownies, ice cream and add something special to your event!
The cupcake picks is made of quality paper and food safe toothpicks, please do not put these cupcake picks in oven, intended for decoration only.
NOTE: Please double check the sizes before purchasing.

Bilipala American Flag Cupcake Toppers Picks for Party Decoratio

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