Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer Ste Stainless with Max 85% OFF 21 Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer Ste Stainless with Max 85% OFF 21 Stainless,Ste,Astra,21,/flaunting393151.html,,Gourmet,with,Meat,Professional,$4,Tenderizer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $4 Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer with 21 Stainless Ste Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Stainless,Ste,Astra,21,/flaunting393151.html,,Gourmet,with,Meat,Professional,$4,Tenderizer,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $4 Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer with 21 Stainless Ste Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Astra Gourmet Professional Soldering Meat Tenderizer Ste Stainless with Max 85% OFF 21

Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer with 21 Stainless Ste


Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer with 21 Stainless Ste

Product description

Kitchen Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Meat Tenderizing

Features :

  • Material : The meat tenderizer tool is made of stainless steel blades with wood handle, which are hard in texture and durable. The tips of the blades are carefully polished, and they are still strong even in frequent use. The wood handle is ergonomic.
  • Easy to Use : The small needles are used to flatten and pound meat and poultry for even Perfect to mix meat with sauces. It not only makes the meat more delicious but it also saves more cooking time. Easier to use than meat mallet. And it can be carried around for picnics, camping, etc.
    • Wide Application : It is very suitable for tenderizing steak, chicken, pork, etc. and also perfect for BBQ, marinade, maximizing the flavor of all kinds of meat. Please eliminate the bones or thaw frozen meat firstly before you use to prevent breaking the blades.
    • Save Time : These small needles in the meat can increase the absorption of the marinade by up to 600% and allow the heat to penetrate faster. Meat tenderizer reducing the cooking time by up to 40% and retaining the natural juice of the meat.
    • Easy to Clean : Just soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes after use meat tenderizer, and then wash it with a brush, or it can be washed in the dishwasher, you can easily remove the greasy gravy from the knife.

    Astra Gourmet Professional Meat Tenderizer with 21 Stainless Ste

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